Canopy Street | About Us

In 2008, the City of Lincoln and local development company WRK, LLC. partnered together to embark on a $498 million urban renewal project that will enliven its already popular Historic Haymarket district with new retail stores, hotels, offices, housing, the new Pinnacle Bank Arena and more.

On May 11, 2010, citizens of Lincoln voiced their eagerness for this project in a public vote, approving the AAA rated bond investment with a 12% margin. By September of 2013, Lincoln’s Historic Haymarket District will be expanded by more than eight city blocks, as blighted and underutilized railroad property is transformed into vibrant areas for entertainment, commerce and community.

When the new Pinnacle Bank Arena is complete, Lincoln will become the only city in the nation that has all of its college sports facilities, performing arts venues and flagship movie theatres within a ten block radius. Combined, the Pinnacle Bank Arena, Memorial Stadium and Haymarket Park will become an important part of game day traditions for 1.5 million sports fans that attend over 300 events in the downtown each year.

Nearly half a million conference attendees explore, shop and feast in the Haymarket annually. Most of Lincoln’s downtown attractions are within walking distance to the Haymarket District. Visitors to the State Capitol, museums and art galleries are eager to put the Haymarket on their touring agenda.

Approximately 30,000 workers are employed within a mile of the Haymarket, many of whom unwind in the Haymarket for lunch or happy hour. Locals who are heading to the Lied Center for Performing Arts, a movie or concert include various Haymarket eateries, clubs and coffee houses for a night on the town. Haymarket lofts, apartments and condominiums are at 100% occupancy and are quickly snapped up by those who are eager to live in the heart of the action.

Canopy Street will become Lincoln’s new center of gravity, attracting Lincoln’s 300,000 residents and over 2 million visitors to experience new housing, hotel, restaurant, retail and nightlife establishments. When the Pinnacle Bank Arena, Memorial Stadium, or Haymarket Park is not hosting events, the development’s public outdoor space will continue to be enlivened with concerts, ceremonies, street festivals and a winter ice skating rink. Over 6,000 new parking stalls along with a series of new roads and streetscape will allow for easy access and traffic flow in and out of Canopy Street.